Aura Nomad

The nomadic portrait studio is a yurt! It travels, and it can even fly. About an 8' diameter, we set up our studio inside or outside. Step inside to have your aura portrait made and interpreted.  We can accommodate a range of events and occasions.  Scroll down for examples.  We're open to new ideas too!



Brand Activations

Bring an experiential element to brand activation.  Associate your brand with a meaningful personal experience, an unexpected, delightful one at that! The MOOD by MOSS experience was a big hit for all when J Crew launched a horoscope t-shirt line, and brought us in to generate excitement around this line.  

Corporate Partnerships

How to incorporate MOOD by MOSS into your work day? Any progressive company that holds employee appreciation events, office fun Fridays, corporate retreats, etc. could partner with us to create a memorable experience, and a visual reminder of your employees inner world.

Boutiques, hotels, festivals, bars-- cross pollinate with MOOD by MOSS to get foot traffic through your door, energize the space, and generate positive flow during trunk shows.  Pop-ups keeps people coming back more frequently to the space. 


Private Events

Weddings, birthday parties, dinner parties, Valentine's day parties, Halloween parties! The MOOD by MOSS aura nomad experience is the ultimate ice breaker for groups.  Connect over your colors and find something you didn't you know you had in common. 


Just looking to book a portrait at one of our next pop-up events? Get tickets here.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

 Nikola Tesla

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Your next pop-up partner

Host MOOD by MOSS at your next event! Reach out to let us know what you've got in mind, and let's explore the possibilities. 


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