MOSS Energy Medicine

Our well-being and physical health can be strengthened by working with potent earth formed crystals. Gemstones are crystals formed over millions of years as minerals compressed beneath the earth's surface. These crystalline gemstones have a vast cosmic memory and each one contains a specific vibration which can resonate with healthy cells and create change in unhealthy cells. Every emotion -positive and negative- disease, ailment, relationship and life situation has an energy signature that takes up residence in our bodies and in our aura. Each gemstone has its own unique ability to be drawn to those energy signatures. The gemstones can uplift, clear or change the flow of frequencies within us. There is an intelligence within therapeutic grade spherical gems that can restore energetic alignment by calling forth our body’s innate potential. The result is better overall health and quality of life. I am honored to bring this type of energy medicine to you and to be part of your healing journey! — Carrie Moss, Gemstone Therapy Practitioner  

  • Do you have persistent chronic pain or are you recovering from surgery?

  • Are you wondering where to go in your career, or what your true purpose is in this lifetime?

  • Are you experiencing recurring illnesses, anxiety or digestive problems?

  • Have you been diligently working toward a goal but are finding it hard to actually reach?

  • Do you think being fatigued is just your new normal due to stress and the demands of life?

  • Out of touch with spirituality, unsure what to say or write, lacking self-esteem, low libido?

  • Are you stuck in the same pattern of choosing a person who isn’t right for you in romantic relationships?

  • Are you at odds with your teenager?

  • Is your relationship with food unhealthy? Can’t make it to the gym regularly?

  • Are your experiences in life very dramatic and unbalancing?

  • Have you been making the same limiting decisions again and again, and you wonder why?

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Everything has a color spectrum vibrating with in it. We can measure and balance these spectrums with Gemstone Therapy to create new experiences and greater ease in life.

MOSS Energy Medicine

Gemstone Therapy tunes into your Highest Self empowering you to become an active participant in your healing journey.


Gemstone Therapy Sessions

We begin each session by laying the foundation for moving energy

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Five Elements Balancing : derived from classical Chinese Medicine

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Energy Clearing : releases accumulated stress to energize and uplift your whole being

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Intention Stating : initiate transformation, positive attracts positive

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Highest Self Tuning In : your Highest Self is that part of you that knows exactly what you need


In GST we call to mind your intention and then let our intuition guide us to the appropriate protocol.

Target Area Protocol : Strengthen the body’s ability to draw healing energy and information to a particular area to promote self-healing.

Condition Placement Protocol : Collect the energies involved with life issues – career, abundance, love, etc. – so that they can be addressed with focus and specificity.

Systems Protocol : Support the body’s energy systems, such as the nervous system, circulatory system, and digestive system, with specific systems-vitalizing gemstones so each system can be strong and well-functioning.

Chakra Protocol : Increase the strength and integrity of your energy flows by identifying and correcting anomalies in the chakras. Identify, evaluate, and correct chakra leaks, micro-vortexes, shape, length, strength, spin, colors, and more.

Belief Renewal Protocol : Locate and extract anchors that connect limiting beliefs to your life experience. Then, build anchors to positive and uplifting beliefs that you desire to live by. Often we have a limiting belief that we don’t even consciously know about. We can find these limiting beliefs as little knots in your chakra vortexes!

Color Ray Protocol –  Nourish and balance the body’s color spectrums to attract different experiences.

Relationships Protocol – Help you find greater harmony and healing in relationships by balancing the energetics that shape the relationship. Includes any kind of relationships; with people, pets, locations, money, health conditions, Self, and more. Helps couples improve their relationship by evaluating and correcting underlying energetic imbalances.


MOSS Energy Medicine

Gemstone Therapy Single Session

75 minutes


Gemstone Therapy Package

75 minutes x 3

You can expect to feel relaxed throughout the session. We conclude with a verbal integration. As a Gemstone Therapy practitioner my goal is for you to leave the session fully integrated, grounded and feeling vitalized (not spacey!)


Chakra Evaluation

Chakras are the energy centers of the body, mind and spirit that retain vibrations of well-being or imbalance. Gemstone Therapy Chakra Evaluation addresses any chakra anomalies and helps to increase the strength and integrity of your energy flows.

90 minutes

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Home and Commercial Space Clearings

Starting at $200
INQUIRE to send an email detailing the issues and the space.

Every space holds energy and can stagnate. Energies no longer serving us can hang around. You have probably felt this without really knowing what you were feeling. It might feel like a heaviness on your body, or a sense that you don’t like the environment, or you might feel lethargic, unmotivated or have trouble sleeping. Perhaps one of your family members may have been ill or currently suffers from anxiety or depression. Another indicator of low vibratory energies is that electronics keep breaking. 

I will teach you how to clear your space while I am there. I am an avid believer that our spaces should be cleared well and cleared often. We will call in love and utilize sound, spoken word, intention, smudging and gemstone energies. During our session, I provide space clearing tools and techniques for you to use on your own when needed along with instruction on how to maintain an energetically clear home. My hope is that by teaching you how to clear your own space you will start to live life more aware of your own energy and the energy that surrounds you, and only need to call on me from time to time to if the need arises. Regular space clearing invites high vibrations like love to expand in your home. An energetically clean home invites and activates abundance and prosperity.



Gemstone Therapy for Pets
Single Session

Resolve the Llama Drama! MOSS Energy Medicine can help your pet with separation anxiety, aggression, digestive issues and anxieties they may have picked up from humans around them and much more.  Clients report dramatic changes in their pets behavior and well-being.

50 minutes



Moonstone Ceremony

Starting at $3000 
Click INQUIRE to send an email with the details of your event. I will schedule a call with you to go over your needs and then send pricing.

Moonstones have a magnetic-like drawing-out quality, and support the body’s ability to collect and release what you do not want to hold on to any longer.  Moonstones help you let go of situations not serving you, relationships, emotions, thoughts, and memories.

Beyond this though, there is something about being in the presence of hundreds of spheres of glowing moonstone, something ineffable and sacred. One by one as each necklace settles into your energy field, you feel your physical self expand, and you experience a lightness of being.

When fully draped in iridescent orbs you feel the presence of your spiritual team and the moon’s strong feminine energy. You feel shrouded in love.  And with the expansive feelings generated during the ceremony, you are able to amplify your intentions.

Ideal for retreats and small gatherings, Moonstone Healing Ceremonies are held in a 9ft yurt that we bring to you. The yurt holds space for the Moonstone energies to work with your being. 

Gemstone Therapy

Free Consultation by Phone

Have questions about how this can best work for you? Please schedule a fifteen minute call!


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“Carrie’s intuitive connection to the gemstones and her trust in their healing properties is evident in every session. I am experiencing a challenging time in my life, with both emotional and physical obstacles to optimal health and happiness. GST has really allowed me to bring focus to patterns of anger and anxiety and release them effortlessly and with lasting relief, which has had a profound effect on my physical and mental well being.” 
~ J.W.


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