About Auras

What is an aura? What is energy? How we feel around someone is us sensing their energy.  We make decisions all the time sensing the subtle, etheric bodies of the world around us.  There is no solid matter, it's all a sea of dancing energetic vibrations.  Energy is simply a range of frequencies vibrating through a range of colors! With the use of biofeedback technology, we can read the electromagnetic fields emanating from you, and translate those into your energetic colors for a visual representation of your aura. 

Mood by Moss Aura Portraits

You are more than your physical body. Becoming more aware of the energies in and around us allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other.  A Mood by Moss portrait is a window into your current energetic state and reminder of the beautiful mystery that you are. 

Color Meanings

There is no good or bad aura coloration or size. An expansive aura indicates an expressiveness, a desire for connection. An aura closer into the body indicates an inward focus, the need for solitude.  Each color has wisdom to confer, including positive and challenging aspects.  Also, where the color shows up in the anatomy of the aura tells us something about the movement of energy, what kind of energy we allow in and what kind of energy we currently express.



Physical and action oriented, red exudes confidence, strength and courage.  Red energy demands feedback to what it puts out into the world, seeking to touch, hear, taste and see.  Passionate and tenacious, this is the energy of leadership.   Red in your aura indicates it is a good time to realize ideas or plans that require you to have courage, energy and stamina.  And know that your efforts will not go unnoticed. You are definitely on someone's radar. 

Mood by Moss RED Moon



Tenderness would best describe this energy. Love is in the air, it may be an open-hearted maternal sort or it may be a romantic longing sort. What ever the quality this is the frequency of caring deeply about someone. 


The vibration of originality and independence, expressing yourself creatively comes naturally right now. You have drive, enthusiasm, confidence. This energy gives you a buoyancy that allows you to be spontaneous.  Now is a good time to jump in and start one of those projects you've been noodling on.  The best part? This energy is full of joy.  In short, you are inspired!  To be inspired is to be full of life force. People are drawn to your charismatic energy.  Dream big, and make it a reality--you've already aligned your energy for it!




IS happiness! When we are excited and feel good inside and out we are naturally more open and curious about the world around us. Being more open and curious helps generate social and emotional intelligence, which in turn leads to more happiness, perpetuating the positivity cycle.


The energy of setting goals and the patience and tenacity to reach that goal.   Work oriented, and with high aspirations, this is one of the most successful colors on the auric spectrum.  Green is the color of growth and adaptability.  Aha, a key to success is adaptability!  




Gosh this is such a purdy color in an aura. It makes cosmic sense that such a beautiful color would tell us something of your beautiful being-ness. compassionate, sensitive yet practical would best describe this energy.  As a natural teacher, counselor, artist or parent, turquoise is a nurturing energy. And this amount of output requires an equal dose of self care.  So, please take good care of you.


You are experiencing deep serenity in your life and like-wise you want to create harmony and an ease where ever you go.  Blue is the color energy of loyalty, devotion and service.  Clear communication and intuition are key traits.




Pragmatic and down to earth, not so much. Chit-chat, not your style.  Highly intuitive, yes.  Magical, ethereal, imaginative; bingo, that's this vibe. You raise the bar for meaningful conversation, and unhindered possibility.  Because you know things.  In short, you inspire others. 


Sometimes white light radiates through areas of an aura. It's rare, but it happens. White light contains all frequencies, and therefore indicated a balanced state, an elevated state, an aligned state.  Your consciousness is expanding.  And the universe is telling you, good job, you are on the right path. Keep up the good work.




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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. ”

Albert Einstein

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