Carrie Moss_Founder MOOD by MOSS

Carrie Moss


Do we find what we love or does it find us?  Aura Photography was introduced to me by a dear friend, and immediately it struck a chord.  I have been in photography, either as part of an extended photographic team, or the photographer, for many years and for just as many years I have been a spiritual seeker, always looking deeper and striving to grow personally. Making beautiful portraits that give people a new way to see themselves and their potential energetic impact on the world is a meaningful way for us to connect more deeply with our selves and each other.  Plus, it's a fun and magical experience to see the color of our vibes!


Lana Bernberg

Interpreter of light

With an eye towards the sublime, Lana’s work as a photographer working with the effects of, and perception of light spans two decades. A long time student of Vedic and yogic wisdom she believes in the interconnectedness of all beings, and the unseen forces with in.  Lana is excited to be bringing the inner experience to light through MOOD portraits.  

Lana Bernberg_Interpreter of Light